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Who are we?

Strathalbyn Uniting Church is a welcoming,
compassionate community of people...
believers in the everlasting and loving embrace
of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

This original artwork by Helen Stacey Bunton hangs in the Church Hall and has been gifted for use on this website...with thanks.

Our Vision
To be a community of faith that reaches out with light and in love with the heart of Christ, that thinks with the mind of Christ and serves with the hand of Christ.

Therefore we wish to grow as a faith community through support, encouragement and renewal.

Our Purpose

We aim:

  • To be living examples of Christ in our community

  • To be inclusive

  • To make community connections

  • To serve our community with meaningful interactions and relationships

  • To be a place of gathering and sharing for all ages as we serve, include, support and connect.


We invite you to join us in worship, every Sunday at 10am (currently in the hall, directly opposite the Church).

We will welcome you and support you, wherever you are in your faith journey.

Come and see how Christ ministers to us in our everyday, normal lives and ask what Christ can do in your life...

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