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The Restoration...

A 2020 survey by structural engineer John Bowley and heritage architects Hosking Willis (costing $30,000) revealed that St Andrews was well built, on good foundations, but that extensive repairs were needed as a result of weather and time.  When costings of $1.8 million at 2020 prices were received, the Congregation decided to engage with the community to proceed with Restoration of the now 175-year old building — stage by stage, as funds are received via grants, donations or bequests.


Stage 1 Front Spire:  This began late 2021 with $39,000 donated from within the congregation, to remove the damaged weather vane and seal the cap allowing the building to be used for services and a series of fundraising concerts and other cultural events in 2022.  We have reached a target of $150,000 to complete work on the Spire, to begin in 2023 as soon as approvals are obtained.


Funding sources: Two State Heritage grants have been received, one for the original Survey ($5,000) and one for the Spire ($10,000), and an Alexandrina Council Heritage Grant ($2,000) for the Spire. Generous donations have been received from the community, including $2,000 from the Strathalbyn Tourist Association, $500 from the Senior Citizens' Club, $500 from Meningie Uniting Church, $300 from customers of Maidments Meat Service, and many others including our own congregation and descendants of Rev R Drummond who conducted early services in the 1840s and of Edward Stirling who donated the church bell in 1869. We have also received a very generous donation from Scotland as a tribute to the life of Edward Stirling and his schoolmaster John Bowman of St Vigeans. This was from William Clark who lives near the village of St Vigeans by Arbroath in Scotland where Edward was educated.


Stage 2 Roof & Gutters: We await a revised estimate for this and hope we raise the funds in time to begin before winter 2023. 


Stage 3 Clock Tower: This has now become urgent as the town clock can no longer be wound due to the stairs not meeting current OHS standards.

Once these 3 stages are complete, work can begin on other external masonry and then the church interior — stage by stage, as funds are received.

How You can help...

Donations can be made direct to:


St Andrews Strathalbyn Restoration Fund

BSB: 105-019

Account: 047 416 240


All funds in this dedicated account will be used for Restoration work.

Our accounts are independently audited each year and records held at Synod.


Whilst Strathalbyn Uniting Church (St Andrews) is a charity

registered with the Charities Commission (ACNC), 

the Tax Office does not give DGR status (‘deductible gift recipient’) to churches, 

meaning we cannot offer tax deductions to donors.


But if you wish to have a receipt,

or to have your gift acknowledged on our website, 

please let us have your contact details:

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