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Who are we?

Strathalbyn Uniting Church is a welcoming,
compassionate community of people...
believers in the everlasting and loving embrace
of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

This original artwork by Helen Stacey Bunton hangs in the Church Hall and has been gifted for use on this website...with thanks.

We strive to meet the needs
of our congregation
and the wider community,
demonstrating our love
through the gifts of grace and
works God inspires in our hands.
they shall know we are Christians
by our love...

We meet regularly in worship and study, 

believing that God works through us. 

Our community is crying out for support in difficult times and we, imperfect vessels, want the love of Christ to shine and help those around us in their time of need.


We are involved in the community, each of us a member of the wider, diverse and beautiful expression of God's love.

By God's grace, we strive to help in the community in any way we can.


We invite you to join us in worship, every Sunday at 10am (currently in the hall, directly opposite the Church).

We will welcome you and support you, wherever you are in your faith journey.

Come and see how Christ ministers to us in our everyday, normal lives and ask what Christ can do in your life...

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