Our regular worship is at 10.00am every Sunday.

Currently, we are meeting in the Church Hall, directly opposite the Church due to safety issues with the Church Spire (see our page regarding restoration plans).

The worship Plan

Breakfast Church


Our regular worship is at 10.00am every Sunday.

For this weekend, 09/05/2021, we will be meeting in

Saint Andrews Church.

The Church Hall is in use for the History Week Displays.

We return to the Hall on 16/05/2021 pending repairs to the spire.

Can't attend worship?

If you can't attend worship for any reason but would like to receive Holy Communion in your own home, or know someone who would appreciate a visit, please contact 0403 270506.

The worship Plan






Rev Beth Hancock HC @ 10am

Rev Ian Dow @ 10am

Ms Mandy Brown

Reconciliation Week @ 10am

Mr Jim Hayward @ 10am

Breakfast Church 

Breakfast church 02.JPG

830am on the first Sunday in every 2nd month, held in the Church Hall.

February / April / June / August / October / December...]. 

Please join us for informal worship over a cereal / toast breakfast

(no charge) and then, perhaps join us for regular worship at 10.00am.

Watch this space for updates...